A lot more depends on the look of our employees than most people realize. First impressions are incredibly important, not just for the appearance of the colleges, but for the image of the company itself as well. Formal clothing can be looked at as the staple of the business, mirroring its values and helping the work of the wearer. A formal getup can be exclusive and fashionable, comfortable and practical all at the same time; which will allow the employees to wear it not just happily, but with pride as well. However we all know that for a company this all has to be achieved cost efficiently. With 8 years of experience and many references behind us, we can help you find, choose and make the perfect formal dress that suits your needs!

By employing our own fashion designer and stylist, we ensure that our products are created from quality materials in our own dressmakers’s shop in bulk or tailored to person by request. We coordinate the whole process from brainstorming to final form fitting, from planning to taking measurements, from choosing materials to finding them, even creating and fitting logos.
All this for a reasonable price offering cost efficient solutions. Our finished products can be collected in person at our store on Andrássy street or have a look at them at our showroom. We also refrain from charging extra for our prototype samples as well.

We offer a set of finished products on top of hundreds of colors and fabric samples to help realize and describe your unique image following the trends you are looking for. We help to lift the burden from your shoulders to find the ideal formal clothing for your company by helping you create the best possible formal dress matching the image your company.


Much more depends on the appearance of the employees than most people would think – the first impression is extremely important, and not only from the point of view of colleagues, but also from the point of view of the company. A uniform can be considered a business card, reflects its values, and helps the wearer’s work. A uniform can be both exclusive and elegant, comfortable and practical, which employees can wear with pleasure and even pride. At the same time, we also know that for a company, we need to do all this cost-effectively. Our company with 8 years of experience and many references will help you to choose and make the perfect uniform!

Complete workmanship from idea to finished dress

Popular models or new shapes

We undertake a full guarantee for our work


With the help of our fashion designer and stylist, we make our models from quality materials, in our own sewing series or individually, tailored to size if required. From conception to final execution, from design to sizing, from material selection to sourcing, from manufacturing and logoing to tailoring of ready-to-wear garments, we coordinate the entire process; all at competitive prices, offering cost-effective solutions. You can also view our finished models in person in our store in Roşia Montană or in our showroom in Budapest. With us, you don’t have to pay extra for the preparation of samples.

With a number of ready-made models and hundreds of color and material samples, we help to realize unique ideas according to the given trends. We adapt your uniform to the image of your company, from the idea to its realization, we take the burden of work off you to find the ideal uniform for your colleagues.


Quality Materials
Own fashion designer and stylist
Affordable prices
Own sewing shop
Full coordination